Değerlerimiz EN
16 Mayıs 2023


Değerlerimiz EN

Our Values
· Friendly service
· Honesty and reliability
· Patient satisfaction
· Patient privacy
· Team work
· Respect for employee and patient rights
· Quality in service
· Continuous improvement and development

Ethical values
To devote his life to the service of humanity, to regard the health of the patient and society as his chief duty, to practice the art of medicine with care and attention in line with the commands of conscience, to keep secret the secrets opened by the patient to the physician; to maintain the dignity and clean ethics of the medical profession; counting colleagues as brothers; not allow age, illness or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political opinion, race, sexual orientation, social position, or any other characteristic to come between the physician and the patient; It is to observe justice in the distribution of medical facilities, respect human life, and not to use medical knowledge against human values and laws, even under pressure.

Güncellenme Tarihi 16 Mayıs 2023