Quality Policy Mission Our Vision - EN
17 Mayıs 2023

Our quality policy

To prioritize the satisfaction of our patients and employees.

To meet the needs and expectations of the individuals we serve.

To provide reliable health services with our friendly, talented, knowledgeable and experienced teams by using our resources in the best way possible.

To continuously improve the efficiency of the system by complying with the quality management system and legal conditions.



Our Mission


Devrekani State Hospital;

To provide health services in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System,

To ensure the continuity of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve the system,

To maximize the satisfaction of everyone who receives service,

To be a state hospital registered in the presence of its patients,

It has adopted as a corporate mission to become a brand in our region with the quality of health services it offers.


Our Vision


Devrekani State Hospital;

Complies with patient rights, gives them the right to choose a doctor and is baby friendly,

It provides modern, effective health services that will satisfy its patients by closely following the developing medical technology,

With its friendly, understanding and experienced staff, it provides the health service that our people deserve, with a team spirit,

It had a team claiming continuous improvement and perceiving quality as a way of life.